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Laminated Pole Buildings

Laminated pole buildings are the modern, much-improved descendant of the telegraph pole and corrugated iron structures of the past. Significant advantages over other construction methods are relative economy, speed of construction and anticipated long life.

Poles are constructed of multiple plies of dimensional lumber, nailed, glued and hydraulically pressed together, with PWF (Preserved Wood Foundation) lumber at the base end, and pressed galvanized plates on the outside butt joints.

Poles are set in holes (usually 16” dia.) drilled below the prevalent frost line, bedded on crushed ½ to ¾ inch rock to promote water drainage, and secured all round by more such rock.  All engineered buildings, all long-span and all high wall buildings, plus those with soft sub-surface ground, will benefit from our Hammer-Lock Rock Piling system. “This sets each pole on hammer-compacted piles between approx. the 6 ft. and 8 ft. levels below surface, for maximum stability”.

Poles are connected horizontally with 2” x 6” purlins around the outside of the building, 2’ on centre, vertically, while headers for overhead doors and framing for man-doors and windows are installed.