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CIA Buildings Ltd. constructs some of the strongest agricultural buildings around. Using commercial construction methods and truss designs without the costs of engineering and permits, CIA Buildings offers unrivaled agricultural buildings at a competitive cost. Check out the variety of agricultural buildings CIA Buildings has constructed below.

Below are features on some of our more recent Agricultural project work.


Rafter T4 Ranch


The classic barn is back! 36’ wide and 42’ long, this gambrel roof barn gets plenty of use during calving season. The lower level is fully insulated and finished with pens lining each side.

Attic space is in abundance here! A full 14’x42’ of usable floor space and a 10’ clear ceiling allow for plenty of storage. Custom designed and engineered trusses are rated for 50lb/square foot loading in the attic, providing the peace of mind that this barn will stand for generations to come.

This building is proof that post frame buildings can be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Every farm with livestock could benefit from one of these.

Riverside Acres

Work Shop

Workshops don’t get much nicer than this. With 8,000 square feet of workspace, multiple pieces of equipment can be simultaneously maintained and stored.

The front mullion door has to be one of the most attractive features of this shop. Each 24’ overhead door can be opened independently, or they can both be opened for a massive 48’ opening.

After one winter in his shop, the owner called to say “… the heating bill is even lower than I expected it would be”. With R33 cellulose insulation in the walls and R50 cellulose in the attic, EPS foam insulation in the floor, and R16 overhead doors, the National Energy Code is well exceeded. Additionally, the dual high efficiency boilers feeding the in floor heat system ensure no natural gas goes to waste.

Finished with an oil separating U-Drain system in a 6” 30Mpa concrete slab, a 25’x10’ storage room with mezzanine, bathroom, cistern & septic, this workshop is everything you could ever need.

Wieler Stables

Riding Arena

Completely engineered to commercial code, this riding arena is surely one of the strongest in Westlock County. Each 80’ can withstand a gruelling maximum factored reaction of 14,106 pounds per heel!

In addition to it’s incredible strength, the exceptional finishing work and coloured overhead doors make this riding arena an attractive feature in Wieler Stable’s yard.

CIA Buildings Ltd. uses WWTA-AB member Alberta Truss for all truss manufacturing and supply, giving owners and visitors confidence in every building, no matter the weather.

West-Legal Farms Ltd

Equipment Storage

Massive equipment storage facilities are almost a necessity in modern agriculture. This 100’x200’ clear span shop is designed to allow the largest pieces of equipment in and out of storage easily. With a 60’x20’ bi-fold door on each end and a 24’x18’ overhead door on the side, parking is a breeze.

When storing that much equipment, the strength of the building is an important factor. Engineered to commercial code, each truss is designed to a10,043 maximum gross reaction at each heel (side). The posts underneath are factory manufactured and designed for a 14,400 pound maximum load. Holding it all are CIA Buildings hammer lock rock footings, which are engineered for a 32,625 pound load over the 44 square inch post footprint.

Full length eaves trough and snow stops keep water away from the shop and CCA treated screed boards provide a physical barrier to keep rodents out.

Securing the investment into your equipment is critical, and this is exactly how you do it.

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