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Concrete Site Preparation

CIA (Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural) works with customers.  Customers often project manage their own builds, may source their own gravel, do their own rough grading work etc. CIA is pleased to work with customers that enjoy putting in their own sweat equity. We help customers choose the right concrete MPA, foam underlay, rebar and sub-grade to create a quality structure with provable strength. ​​​

​Here are some items to consider when you are project managing your own build to avoid unnecessary expenses and mistakes. 

  • Before you pour checklist

    • Understanding the desired outcome ie. finished elevation, slopes, load bearing needs, future uses. 

    • Determine what is going into the pad. In floor heating, Plumbing, electrical, conduits for future building expansion.

    • Proper compaction. 100%+ preferred​.

    • Budget

    • Contractor Lead Time.

CIA works to accommodate your building schedule.  The more lead time we have the better we can serve your needs. 

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