Building Features & Options

CIA Buildings is an authorized Robertson Building System builder.  We can do a design build, build to suit or spec build a steel building for commercial, industrial or agricultural requirements.  Each steel structure is engineered for your specific location ensuring proper building design.Check out the features section to get more available option for your steel building

Truss & Beam Design

All trusses and beams are designed to meet all load requirements for each specific job.  Factors considered in the load design include snow, snow drift, wind, insulation and interior finishing.  Crews are supplied with an installation guide to ensure required bracing is installed.  Trusses and beams are also attached to the posts with structural screws (GRK RSS).


Footing and grade beam – Used for stud frame buildings, are engineered to meet structural and energy codes.


Slabs aprons etc. – CIA Buildings does all types of concrete work, prep, pour, place and finish.

U-Drain Systems

U-Drain is a trench drainage system, available in galvanized or stainless steel, for concrete floors that provides a low-profile presence and is extremely versatile.  Multiple sumps, oil separators and multiple inputs are easily managed with this system.

In-Floor Heat

Designed specifically for each job to meet manufacturer and National Energy Code requirements.

Radiant Tube Heaters

An economical heating solution.

Post Foundations

Drop Hammered Foundation – For post frame buildings, hole is drilled 1-2 feet deeper than the bottom of the post and is filled with 1-2 feet of washed rock.  The rock is then compacted with a 1200 lb drop hammer attachment on a skid steer until a solid footing is achieved. 


A self-adhering membrane that consists of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound which is integrallylaminated to a blue, high density cross-laminated polyethylene film. BlueskinWP200 is specifically designed to be self-adheredto a prepared substrate providing a high-performance waterproofing barrier.  Blueskin is placed on the post at ground level, for an added layer of protection.

National Energy Code

All insulated buildings are designed to be compliant with the current National Energy Code.

'Weathershield' Cellulose Insulation (Blow-in)

Designed for application in a home’s attic and WallBAR is designed for application in its walls. Properly applied, this cellulose insulation provides better thermal protection and sound deadening than any other type of insulating product on the market. Weathershield  is made almost entirely from recycled content and has been awarded for its environmentally friendly features.


The sister product to Weathershield, WallBAR is a formed-in-place fibrous insulation system for use in exterior walls, interior and party wall applications, and sloped ceilings. Like Weathershield, it is made of 100% recycled material and harmless, naturally-occurring chemicals.


Standard trims are 29 gauge, but we offer optional 26 gauge trims which reduces ‘oil canning’ AKA wrinkling.


Proper drainage is required to ensure longevity of the building.  Eavestroughs also control water coming off the roof, keeping the side of the building cleaner.


Provides an updated look. 

Polycarbonate Overhead Door Panels

A great option instead of windows or wall light.

Wall Light

Polycarbonate sheets to provide optimum natural light.


Designed to meet codes and customer needs.

Partition Walls

Custom built to meet customer needs and fire and energy codes.


CIA Buildings is ISNetworld certified, ensuring your project is completed in a safe manner and in compliance with all OH&S requirements.


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