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Commercial structures require complete engineering specific to site and use. Designed to full permit and energy code compliance, CIA Buildings commercial structures will confidently stand the test of Canadian winters and keep your inventory safe. Choose a project below to see an example of a CIA Buildings commercial structure.

Below are features on some of our more recent Commercial project work.


Dark Sky Distillery

This 48’x48’ post-frame facility in the heart of Sturgeon County is sure to attract many visitors. Exterior features include a 24” vented soffit overhang, 4’ wainscot, six 5’x3’ high bay windows, thirty two roof top solar panels, and a large concrete apron. The interior is finished with 6’ of 2”x6” kick board, LED lighting, a 5” polished concrete floor with a U-Drain, a bathroom and a mechanical room! Insulated with Wallbar and Weathershield the unit heater above the mezzanine barely has to work in sub zero temperatures.

The real accomplishments of this shop are in the technical execution. To power the gin stills there are two phase converters in the mechanical room. These phase converters allow for the implementation of 3-phase power without having to upgrade all the power lines in the area. In addition to this, there is a custom water cooling loop from the cistern. This loop flows around the stills at a steady 3.5GPM,then circulates under ground and quenches in the substrate before returning to the cistern. Using this passive cooling instead of electric or refrigerant, electricity usage is greatly reduced.

Be sure to stop by Dark Sky for a tour and a taste!

Pinnacle Aviation

Walk in and fly out!


This 82’x64’ post frame hanger boasts a 76’ wide bi-fold door with an 18’x64’ two story office attached and a 20’x12’ deck.


The bi-fold door locks and operates remotely allowing this pilot to lock up his hanger from the cockpit.


Clad in modern colours with big trims, this shop certainly stands out as a quality structure in the area.

Coop's Contracting Ltd

It’s one thing to build an impressive shop, it’s another to build two side by side. That’s exactly what CIA Buildings did for this client. Each shop is 80’x60’x18’ and has two bays with a structural, load bearing, fire rated wall between each bay.

These shops were finished with a 24” vented soffit overhang all around and across each gable is a full length cornice return. This return excites curb appeal and promotes proper drainage on the end. For the sake of future proofing, exhaust fan penetrations were framed and cladded in, allowing for easy installation if needed down the road.

Built just as the Energy Code was coming into play, these shops surpassed National Energy Code requirements with ease.

In the words of the client, “the work was completed to my standards. CIA also maintained a clean job site at all times which is very important to me. Overall I was impressed using CIA Buildings as my contractor.”

4 Seasons Roofing

This 35’x100’ multi-use facility stands tall in Stony Plain. Reaching 30’ to the eave, this stud frame on grade beam structure definitely gets attention. The veranda out front ties this building into the Quonset beside it nicely with false gables and hip ends.


The most impressive features are on the inside. Specifically, the 35’ clear span floor system. 24” open web floor joists allow for the back portion of 4 Seasons to be a 35’x60’ shop with a 16’ ceiling while hosting rental commercial suites above with 12’ ceilings.


A little forward thinking and design ingenuity provided 4 Seasons Roofing with a valuable, revenue generating, multi-use building that is definitely built for life.

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