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Robotic Machine Control

CIA (Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural) is the only company in Alberta to invest in the Leica Robotic Machine Controlled system. The Leica system is laser controlled, 10 times more accurate than GPS, and miles ahead of good old fashioned hand measuring and bubble levels. 

The Leica system allows us to finish grade the ground before adding gravel for sub grade.  We get the slopes for drainage and final elevations up to 3/64 of an inch per 10 feet. This level of accuracy is unmatched in the industry.  When we get it right from the beginning, we avoid the problems that can happen at the end. The system also allows us to estimate materials more accurately minimizing waste. 

​The next step is adding gravel for the sub-grade. The Leica system allows us to evenly spread materials. When gravel is placed evenly we can compact it consistently over the entire area ensuring proper sub-grade. 

Step three is screeding. The Leica system, attached to our screeding machine, ensures that we get your concrete finished up to +/- 3/64 of an inch and create the proper slopes for drainage. We spend less time on the final troweling. Concrete can become over worked when you spend too much time on it.  Overworking concrete compromises the top surface creating blistering and peeling. 

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