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Why Choose CIA for Your Concrete Project?

Concrete is forever, once you place it there is no going back, without significant cost.

CIA (Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural) has been trusted by customers for more than a decade to deliver high quality concrete services. We are the only company in Alberta to invest in the Leica Robotic Machine Controlled system. The Leica System allows CIA to make the most consistent grading, sub-grade and concrete finish.


Acceptable industry standard concrete finish generally is plus or minus 1/2 inch per 10 feet finish. Our system is plus or minus 3/64 inch per 10 feet. With traditional methods the gravel base and soil can vary much further than 1/2 inch per 10 feet.  Our dirt surface, gravel and concrete are all plus or minus 3/64 inches per 10 feet leaving you with a worry floor that is built for life.

When it comes to concrete it is important to understand what is happening below the surface. CIA's robotic grading and screeding system lets customers know that they have depth of concrete and sub base consistent through the entire pad. Customers can also request an independent report that verifies the MPA strength of their concrete to put their minds at ease and know they got exactly what they ordered.


CIA uses plasticizers instead of water to get a consistent slump(liquidity, a high slump will run like water) in your concrete. Plasticizers have the advantage of giving us more open working time without reducing MPA(strength). Water gives the contractor more working time at the cost of reducing MPA (strength). 

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