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Modern industrial construction requires safe work practices, quality of work, efficient work, and trust. CIA Buildings Ltd. consistently delivers these attributes to industrial clients, generating repeat business with great rapport. Choose a project below to see a few of CIA Buildings key industrial clients and the work performed for them.

Below are features on some of our more recent Industrial project work.



Transalta has been a steady recurring client of CIA Buildings Ltd since 2010. The Pump house, Vac truck garage, and warehousing facility have all been constructed by CIA. There have also been multiple concrete, renovation, and security contracts fulfilled by CIA.

Strict compliance with Transalta’s safety procedures and maintaining ISNetworld certification have been key in maintaining a strong working relationship.

CIA Buildings Ltd. is proud to be listed as one of Transalta’s primary vendors.

McKelvie Welding

The sky’s the limit! When you’re business is working on excavating equipment like D11’s, you almost get there. This massive 60’x80’ shop clears a towering 30’ ceiling height.

Four ply 2”x12” posts 4’ O/C host a large cavity for insulation, resulting in a total thermal value of R-45 in the walls. Combined with in-floor heat and a 10” concrete slab, winter barely effects operations inside this welding shop.

The 20’ tall overhead doors are equipped with a 10’ high lift package. Lifting the doors to the ceiling before rolling back allows for the clearance of the massive overhead crane inside.

The 20’x22’ office space carries a 4’ overhang over the sidewalk for rain and snow protection. Finished inside with metal cladding, the office is every bit as durable and bright as the shop.

There is no doubt, in this shop things get done.


Starting with the construction of a 25’x92’x24’ engine house in 2015, CIA Buildings’ relationship with Cargill has grown with consistent delivery of high quality, on budget construction and an impressive safety track record.

In 2018 CIA Buildings constructed an 80’x125’ pre-engineered steel structure for Cargill. This new shop stands on a pile & grade beam foundation and features LED lighting, a dual-boiler combination in-floor heat system, vinyl-strip curtain partition, U-Drain floor drains, a steel mezzanine, and insulated interior walls.

CIA Buildings’ relationship with Cargill is testament to the value of diligence and communication throughout every stage of construction.

Alliance Trucking

Showcasing the potential of post frame construction, this 2015 construction light industrial facility has it all. Under this 10,540 square foot roof is four single bay rental suites, three multi office rental suites, and an eight bay mechanical shop with attached lunchroom, change room, and office.

The large side wall doors presented a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the value of drop-hammering under the posts. Carrying a static load as high as 20,075lb. and a limit load of 111,827lb., each post was re-enforced to eight-ply and the gravel foundation was compacted to 239,000lb. over 113 square inches. Years later, Alliance Trucking hasn’t settled an inch.

Natural light is in abundance all day long with a polycarbonate ‘sunshine section’ in each overhead door. Heating this shop are two 299,000Btu boilers feeding a multi zone in floor heat system.

If you’re looking for inspiration in shop construction, look no further.

Calnash Trucking

This logical 80’x220’ post frame shop is as functional as they come. With eight overhead doors along the South side, super-bees can easily back into the shop without worry. Polycarbonate light sections in each door let plenty of natural light inside, and bright bollards help designate and protect each door.

Custom designed trusses engineered for excessive snow loads welcome the snow stops all along this roof. Between the snow stops and eaves trough, each bay is kept dry and clean no matter what the weather brings.

When considering function and value, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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