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Stud Frame Building Structures

CIA has incorporated a unique design to the wood framed buildings on a concrete foundation.  This design lowers the construction cost of the building while making the building stronger and more cost effective.  Check out the Features section to get more information on the building design.

Engineered Trusses are designed and for each specific buildings location to ensure the roof designs are able to support the appropriate snow load.  Truss drawings are provided to clients for each building constructed.  Inspections are also conducted to ensure all bracing requirements are installed in the trusses.  Trusses are anchored to each post using the appropriate amount of GRK fasteners.  Each truss designed has a max loading value and the sheer force of the combined GRK fasteners used on each truss must exceed the max designed loading of the truss.


Stud frame buildings can be designed and constructed as an insulated building.  This process can also be done in stages over a period of time to suit ones budget.  All Insulated Post Buildings designed by CIA Buildings are done so to meet or exceed the National Energy Code.   


Concrete floors are very common in Stud frame buildings.  CIA has an in-house concrete crew to service this need.  This allows us the option to install concrete prior to any interior finishing work in completed.  A properly designed and constructed post frame building will help control additional cost of installing the concrete floor.  All post buildings are designed with the option to install a concrete floor down the road.   Check out the Building Features section to get more available option for concrete.

H-Vac, Electrical and Plumbing

CIA has a great working relationship with a number trade companies in the plumbing, heating and electrical fields.  We work hard at ensuring we get you a great pricing on your plumbing, heating and electrical requirements.  We also have number of options available for heating a post frame building.  Check out the Building Features section to get more available option for your heating options.

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