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Through detailed pre-construction planning, effective project management techniques, strong subtrade relations, in house construction crews, and efficient administration, CIA Buildings Ltd. is ideally suited for smaller institutional projects. Maintaining low overhead costs, CIA Buildings is able to keep institutional projects within budget without compromising on quality or reliability.

Below are features on some of our more recent Institutional project work.


Elk Island National Park Storage Facility

Working in a National Park, equipment maintenance and cleanliness was high priority. Using all internal equipment, compliance was non-issue. Building this 40’x72’x14’ post frame shop

The design of this shop had an ambitious feature, a 32’ wide sidewall opening. To accommodate this feature a 20f-E 5-1/8”x30” Glulam beam was used. This beam carry’s a total factored reaction of 47,786 pounds! Using re-enforced, factory manufactured, engineered posts and CIA Buildings’ exclusive drop hammer compaction system, this building is rock solid.

Constructed on schedule, on budget, and with no incidents, CIA Buildings Ltd. received a strong referral from this job.

Athabasca County
Fire Hall

This project showcases the value of listening to a client’s request.


Tendered on the Alberta Purchasing Connection, Athabasca County clearly stated the intended use of the firehall (volunteer station with infrequent use) and their need to stay in budget. CIA Buildings Ltd. was the only tendering party to deliver a bid within their budget. In the bid, specific options were listed with corresponding prices to allow the County to maximize their budget without any surprises.

Now in use, Athabasca County has a well constructed firehall that would never have been built without an attentive contractor to listen to their needs and deliver exactly that.

Athabasca County
Sand & Salt Storage Shed

After construction of the fire hall, CIA Buildings was invited to bid on the Sand & Salt storage shed.

Although not the lowest bidder, CIA Buildings received this contract for attention to detail and innovative construction measures to specifically address the corrosive nature of the salt stored inside.

All nails, gangplanks, and screws used in this facility are stainless steel or galvanized to resist corrosion. 6 mil poly is applied between the lumber and metal sheathing so that the salt cannot contact the exterior metal directly. There is also 6 mil poly under the trusses to prevent salt debris from travelling up into the trusses. This poly is secured with additional bottom chord bracing to prevent billowing or sagging.

Being an open end structure, galvanized louvre vents were added to the wall opposite of the opening, allowing air to flow through the structure and prevent excessive uplift.

Concrete blocks line the inside perimeter and main opening of the shop. These blocks were specially ordered as sulfate resistant, fly ash composition blocks.

Built on time, on budget, without incident or compromise, Athabasca County has given a strong referral to CIA Buildings Ltd for this project.

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