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When it comes to concrete floors and aprons, it is important to choose a contractor that can deliver the quality place and finish on a floor that clients expect and demand. CIA does not sub out the concrete floors to a careless contractor. All floors are done in-house to ensure a quality finish, and gives the client confidence they are getting the floor they paid for. 

Pad preparation is the most important step in installing a concrete floor.  If a pad is not properly compacted shifting in the concrete floor is most likely to occur down the road.  CIA uses the appropriate granular material and compactor to ensure a solid base is produced to support required loads.

CIA’s standard concrete mix is 30 MPA with 10mm rebar spaced at 16” on center in both directions. This mix is designed to prevent chipping and flaking, and produces a strong, dependable floor.  Embedded in the concrete are 1.5” x 4” x 4” concrete pads to support and place the rebar in the proper location. All floors have 1.5” of EPS foam placed under the concrete floors to meet the National Energy Code.

CIA has invested in equipment that has integrated laser technology for accurate pad preparations and concrete placement.  Our Hitch Doc Duel Dozer box grader with integrated laser receivers ensures a uniform sub grade by eliminating high and low spots in the floor, producing more uniform concrete and a stronger floor.  In addition, when placing EPS foam on top of the sub grade, the foam is not damaged by unevenness from walking on it or when placing the concrete.  This results is a more energy efficient floor as well.  

Our Somoro CopperHead® XD™ 2.0 laser screed places the concrete with extreme speed and accuracy by setting the grade automatically, allowing our crew to move quickly and efficiently.  In a single pass we cut your concrete to a finished grade, screed it flat, and vibrate it perfectly smooth.  With this self-propelled screed, we get superior productivity, and improved levelness.

CIA trowels the floors with a ride-on power trowel.  This gives us the capacity to finish up to 20,000 square feet of floor in a single day.  The ride on trowel also gives us the versatility to polish a floor to any desired finish.

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